Our People

Yenny and Jose: Our Husband and Wife Team

Yenny and Jose are the perfect example of hard working and dedicated Columbia crew members. Working together in servicing a six-story professional building, they just started their second year with us and have been at their current location the entire time, allowing them to build a strong relationship with the client.  “Our client is very comfortable in knowing that we’re there to do whatever it takes to make sure that they’re satisfied,” said Yenny. “Jose and I know how they like things done, and if there’s ever a problem, they know that we will take care of it right away.” Due to their reliability and the quality of their work, we also ask them to fill in at other job sites when a crew member is out for illness or vacation, knowing that our clients won’t notice any drop-off in service with Yenny and Jose filling in for their regular person or people.

Becky: Putting the ‘Super’ in Supervisor

Becky brings 17 years of experience, having worked with commercial and industrial properties since 1982.  Starting out in real estate, Becky continued to further her education and experience, working in both public relations and customer service. She joined the Columbia team in March of 2008, and she works side by side with our crews, training and supervising them, performing periodic inspections and maintaining close communication with both the crews and the clients. “I’m available to our crews and clients 24/7,” says Becky. “I enjoy helping our crew members to be the best that they can be, and it gives me a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction to know that I’m helping to make our company better, and that we’re going the extra mile for our clients.”

In it for the Long Term

We believe that our company is made stronger by the long tenure of dedicated employees like Judy Brown, who has been with us since 1974 when the company started, and Melvin Lewis, who joined our staff in 1989. Judy and Melvin each clean two locations, and bring a sense of continuity and commitment to their clients, the same commitment that you’ll find from each and every member of the Columbia Team!

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