"The American Optometric Association has used Columbia Maintenance for over 6 years and we have been very pleased with their attention to detail and courteous employees."

Kevin J. Doyle
American Optometric Association

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About Us

When Bill Hausman started Columbia Maintenance in 1972, he had a vision of providing St. Louis with the best custodial and janitorial services as well as exceptional customer care, the type of company that embraced attention to detail, where employees took pride in satisfying customers and exceeding expectations. That was over 30 years ago and today that vision continues to live on at Columbia Maintenance. By concentrating on five major areas, we’ve been able to become the type of company that customers and employees alike are proud to be associated with:

Hiring and Training

Our personnel are the bedrock of our company. By hiring the right person
for the job and providing extensive training as well as union benefits, we
have a stable workforce of dedicated professionals who go the extra mile
and a low rate of turnover.


The key to our success, our supervisors and representatives are hand-picked and highly experienced, and we strive to have the highest ratio of supervisors to cleaners in the industry. Supervisors regularly attend classes that we conduct, and we send them to seminars sponsored by the Building Service Contractors Association International. By checking the work of every cleaner at least once a week, we’re able to uphold the high standard that our customers expect.

Immediate Correction of Problems

As hard as we work to avoid problems, they can happen. When they do, it’s our guarantee that we work even harder to correct them - immediately, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Site Analysis

An exceptional job begins with proper preparation. To ensure that we have the proper staffing, equipment and supplies for every customer, we conduct a detailed analysis of each and every site, measuring square footage and counting each desk and toilet fixture.

Accurate Job Quotes

By conducting a detailed site analysis, we’re able to provide an extremely accurate and competitive price quote.

Columbia Maintenance in the Community

As lifelong St. Louisians, we believe in being involved in our community. Some of our memberships and affiliations include:

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